DartyShoes ® – Big toe straightener


Made for people suffering from hallux valgus. It can relieve the pain of curved or overlapping toes.

  • ★ Relieve Pain: The separator is suitable for relieving pain and soreness caused by rubbing adjacent toes, and for preventing sore toes, overlapping toes, blisters and secondary corn injuries.
  • ★ Separate toes: helps separate the big toe from fusing with other toes. Separates the big toe and helps straighten and keep it in proper alignment, prevent rubbing and relieve pressure.
  • ★ Washable and reusable: silicone gel big toe separators can be rinsed with cold water after each use and dried naturally, which is very easy to clean and maintain. They can be reused several times.
  • ★ Comfort Safety: big toe separators are designed for comfortable, breathable, soft and lightweight wear. Shape to fit foot anatomy, can be worn with most types of shoes.

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