About us

DartyShoes™ was established in 2020 by Flaubert O. It is a company specialized in the production of orthopedic shoes of all kinds and related accessories that offer unique comfort features for feet and especially sensitive feet and other physical ailments caused by foot problems.

We combine the latest in therapeutic technology in our footwear and all of our products to provide the highest level of comfort and protection for your feet, knees and lower back.

Our Philosophy

At DartyShoes™, we have two main goals. The first is to provide the ultimate in comfort, functionality and style in shoes, orthopedic insoles, socks and any other foot therapy accessory. The other is to provide the best customer service possible, as we have long recognized the value of a satisfied customer.

Focusing on these goals offers great benefits to our customers as well as to DartyShoes™. We have outstanding customer loyalty and satisfaction, with thousands of customers who truly appreciate our commitment to quality and performance.

We look forward to providing you with unparalleled foot comfort, pain relief and the customer satisfaction you deserve.

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